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Infants and very young children are at extra risk for the harmful effects of air pollution because they breathe faster and their brains, lungs, and immune systems are still developing.


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The production procedures involved with the manufacturing of electronics are complex and require a high degree of precision, safety and state-of-the-art equipment. Our production facilities are fully certified and capable of producing a full range of electronic components to the highest standard.


Prisma Electronics insists upon the highest level of competency and specialization in our workforce, and we back this up with an emphasis on continuous training and skills-improvement. Prisma personnel hold degrees in Electronic, Electrical, Computer & Industrial Automation Engineering, Programming, Physics, and other related specialties.


Prisma Electronics has built a reputation for innovation through cooperation, and the company works with many key partners. Our collaborators include leading National and International Academic and Research centers and Technology Clusters. Indicative is our work with ESA, CERN, the Greek National Technical University, the Corallia Innovation Cluster, and more.

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Prisma Electronics is involved in Space activities, undertaking both Manufacturing and R&D Electronics projects, as a subcontractor to Space Agencies, Satellite Manufacturers and Space Products Developers. Quality, cost and delivery time are the key points we focus on, to provide you with a steady partner for EMS services. The strict supervision by PA/QA Engineers, during every step of the production, guarantees the reliability of the deliverables.


The Electronics Sector employs experienced and qualified personnel, trained in JSTD – 001 and IPC-WHMA-620 standards, focused on providing high-quality services in the design, production, and support of electronics production.

The production line consists of modern electronics assembly systems. The characteristics are high precision, high speed of placement of complex components and components verification on the fly.

The electronics assembly process is characterized by multiple and strict quality controls at all stages of the production.

ICT Solutions

Prisma Electronics and its dynamic partner-network provide highly advanced integrated IT systems and customized solutions, supported by advanced follow-on services – regardless of the size and complexity of your organization. From turn-key, off-the-shelf product suites, installed and maintained to support your organization’s workflow, to custom-built solutions based on individual parameters, Prisma Electronics can provide the right answer.

Research & Development

Prisma Electronics spends over 25% of its revenues on R&D activities. In cooperation with our partners, private companies, government consortiums and institutional clients, Prisma Electronics has developed a reputation for extending the partner-relationship from ‘present-based’ to ‘forward-looking’ future products and services. This commitment to research has enabled our company to consistently remain at the forefront of technology while expanding our base into sectors throughout the commercial and industrial landscape. In addition to our own product lines, Prisma Electronics serves its partners as a third-party contractor for design and development of through applied knowledge and add-on proficiencies.

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