PrismaSense MultiSensor Inteface

Unlock the full potential of your sensor-based systems with the PrismaSense MultiSensor Interface. Engineered to provide seamless connectivity, data acquisition, and advanced processing capabilities, this innovative device is your trusted partner for harnessing valuable insights from a diverse range of sensors.

Pressure Sensors


Monitor and control pressure levels with precision, ensuring safety and efficiency in industrial processes.

Liquid & Gas Temperature Measurements

Accurately gauge temperature variations in liquids and gases, vital for numerous industries from healthcare to manufacturing.

Wind Indicators


Stay informed about wind conditions, crucial for sectors like meteorology, renewable energy, and aviation.

Unleashing the Power of Data Connectivity

PrismaSense MultiSensor Inteface is a data acquisition device, specially designed to connect to a wide range of analog & digital sensors and systems, with short-range wireless connectivity and on-board data pre-processing capabilities.

PrismaSense MultiSensor Interface: Elevating Data Precision


Unlock Sensor Potential

Experience unparalleled versatility with our interface. Connect and monitor an extensive range of sensors, including pressure sensors, gas analysis sensors, liquid level indicators, and more. Whether you’re in manufacturing, environmental monitoring, or industrial automation, our interface adapts to your sensor needs, providing you with comprehensive data insights.


Reliable Data Exchange

Count on the PrismaSense MultiSensor Interface for reliable data exchange. With RS485/RS422 input/output ports and support for industry-standard protocols like NMEA and Modbus, you can seamlessly integrate your sensors into your existing systems. Enjoy uninterrupted data flow and real-time insights, enhancing your operational efficiency.



Data Precision Guaranteed

Precision is at the core of our interface’s design. Advanced measurement fault tolerance and error estimation algorithms ensure that your data is accurate and reliable. From calculating Root Mean Square (RMS) values to tracking Rate of Change, our device empowers you with insights you can trust for critical decision-making.


Control at Your Fingertips

Take control of your data acquisition with remote programmability and configuration. The PrismaSense MultiSensor Interface puts customization in your hands, allowing you to adapt to changing needs effortlessly. Whether you need to tweak settings or optimize performance, you can do it remotely, ensuring your operations are always running at their best.